Invisible Sweatproof Beard Patch Filler

5g / 0.17 fl.oz

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This four-pronged micro-forked pen creates sweatproof and waterproof hair mimicking brush strokes which seamlessly blend with your beard or brows. Combined with the included beard brush — it's the perfect tool to quickly fill in any unevenness, gaps or gray patches in your beard or brows, giving it a full, natural and even look.

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With premium organic and vegan ingredients, the CLERMEN range has been specifically made for the demanding lifestyles of Men. From every-day skincare sets, to cover-up, cosmetics, and everything inbetween, we've got something to help every guy put their best face forward.

A Thicker & Fuller Beard on Demand

Instantly and invisibly add the appearance of volume, and fill in patches, grey areas and gaps, with the CLERMEN Invisible Sweatproof Beard Patch Filler Pencil. With two colors to choose from and a water and sweat-proof finish all wrapped in a portable size that can fit in any bag, you'll be able to keep your beard looking fresh and full all day long.

Four-Pronged Tip For a Natural Fill

The unique 4-prongs of the application pen helps to mimic the natural strokes of your beard, making for seamless and invisible coverage - nobody will even know you're using it. The small pinpoint design of the pronged tip allows for accurate and targeted filling in of problem areas, and is perfect for small gray patches or uneven growth and even works great for eyebrows.

Blend With the Included Brush

For a perfect seamless finish, simply make a few strokes with the included brush after application to blend in for a truly natural look. With an all-day hold thanks to the sweat-proof pigment copolymers, you don't need to worry about a touch-up even after a heavy workout. Combine with the CLERMEN Daily Face Wash and Duo Remover Pads for simple clean-up.


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