Invisicover™ Mint Condition Set

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For the man who wants it all; this set includes our InvisiCover™ Liquid Stealth Concealer, InvisiCover™ Air Cushion BB Cream, InvisiCover™ Anti-Shine Setting Powder, a skin-brightening Vitamin C serum, our cleansing Daily Facewash & Remover, an Almond and Oatmeal cleansing Exfoliator and a rejuvenating eye cream.

Available with 5 tones of concealer and 3 tones of foundation.

Skincare That's Designed For You

With premium organic and vegan ingredients, the CLERMEN range has been specifically made for the demanding lifestyles of Men. From every-day skincare sets, to cover-up, cosmetics, and everything inbetween, we've got something to help every guy put their best face forward.

InvisiCover™ Liquid Stealth Concealer

This stealth concealer is an instant-fix to every guy's breakouts, spots, dark under-eye circles, large pores and other imperfections - without anyone noticing you're wearing it.

Available in 5 base colors, there's a shade for every skin tone, and it's covered by our 30 day "Shade Match Promise".

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Invisicover™ Stealthy Air Cushion BB Cream

The new secret weapon for Men — this invisible and light-coverage air cushion BB cream unnoticeably smooths your skin tone and hides away any imperfections on your skin — without flaking or showing throughout the day, maintaining a perfect yet 100% natural look.

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Invisicover™ Anti-Shine Colorless Matte Setting Powder

A couple of taps of the translucent powder with the built-in cushion and its ultra-fine absorbing powder will blot away excess oil, keeping your skin looking matte, fresh and most importantly natural without settling in fine lines.

Compatible with all CLERMEN cosmetics, this is a great final touch to any routine.

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Tom Bailey Almond and Oatmeal Cleansing Exfoliator

This natural exfoliator gently clears your skin of any impurities such as excess oil, dead skin cells and dirt stuck in your pores — leaving it ultra-soft and glowing.

Made in the UK with natural almond and oatmeal extract, it not only smells amazing — but is perfect for sensitive skin.

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Tom Bailey Anti Aging Vitamin C Serum

Contained in an airless tube for longer shelf life, this ultra-absorbing Vitamin C serum provides an intense burst of concentrated antioxidants to your skin, providing incredible moisturising activity and helping to brighten and smooth.

Made in Australia from all-organic and vegan ingredients, this is a great addition to your day & night skin routine.


Tom Bailey Supercharged Rejuvenating Eye Treatment

Contained in an airless tube for longer shelf life — this age-defying eye treatment combines some of nature's most powerful ingredients to brighten and rejuvenate those tired, dark and puffy under-eye circles.

Made in Australia from all-organic and vegan ingredients, this is a great addition to your day & night skin routine.

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Daily Face Wash & Remover

A gentle and fresh face wash for daily facial cleansing — perfect for removing any cosmetics, excess oils and pollutants from deep within the pores without irritating or drying out the skin.

Works great with remover pads or a cotton towel for easy cleansing and leaves your skin not only looking and feeling but smelling amazing!

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